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Detoxification & Body Cleansing


Give your body what it needs, and it will show you how much it appreciates the results.

Ayana’s Amazing Belly Fat Reducer


Are you tired of belly fat that looks and feel unsightly? Ayana’s Amazing Belly Fat Wrap is a blend of exotic herbals, coupled with our clay solution that makes this wrap unique and effective. It is actually 2 wrap solutions in one to make it even more effective. You will see immediately results and maintain those results if you follow a diet regime suited for your body type and overall goal. It takes about 45 minutes, and you will be given specific instruction for maintaining Remember this is not a weight loss wrap. However, you can expect to lose 1 to 4 inches of fat around the belly area which will flushed from the lymphatic system once you adhere to doing your part. We cannot guarantee results if you are not willing to follow the rules to keep the inches off.


Belly Wrap $65. (Up to 175 lbs.) 

We don’t cheat the effort; included in each treatment is a pre-treatment of dry brushing prior to applying wraps. Set of 3 wraps for greater results: Discount Price: $60.00 per wrap

SOQI Total Health Spa Treatment (currently unavailable)

​​​(SO means Solar and QI mean Life Force Energy

Far Infrared Heat and Chi Machine. A unique "multiple Energy Approach and gateway to improve health.

Don't be misinformed. Real Healing is a Natural thing


​Features & Benefits:

  • The Ultimate Total Health Spa experience built into a specially designed massage table.

  • ​Relaxing spa music to put the body in the right state of mind

  • An effective way to achieve wellness and get your daily exercise at home

  • Perfect for everyone

  • A safe, simple and a natural way to achieve good health!​​

​​Three (3) 30 -minute sessions for a limited time $150. Regular price $195.


There is No better way to better health than to DETOX your system

Do you know what’s inside of you? 

Did you know that accumulated waste and parasites are a hidden epidemic and the cause of many health problems now in the United States? Parasites, also known as the great masqueraders inside the human body have been linked to headaches, constipation, chronic fatigue, allergies and more. Our amazing Ionic Body Balancer & Foot Detox System is different from most systems which are based on a digital response. Our system is an analog system which pulls toxins freely (a natural flow) cleansing the body of toxins and also known to kill parasites. Come experience it for yourself! You will be amazed at the results.



Make you appointment Now!  Call 410-466-=5047 
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