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Jennifer :Ayana" Harrison, Certified Diabetes Lifestyle Prevention Coach, Chronic Disease Self-Management Trainer, Metaphysical Counselor and Spiritual Guide. 


Ayana has used her attraction to natural healing and metaphysics to design a healing environment that resonates the minute you enter her sacred space.  She believes that real healing begins within; that when we gain a deeper understanding of who we are as spiritual energetic beings, we gain a greater appreciation for ourselves and all life.  It is only then that we can explore our untapped potential and begin to use it to establish personal standards for living life to the fullest...with greater love and compassion.   She is committed to serving others and is devoted to a lifetime of learning to help uplift and enhance the lives of others. Her life is a testimony to this realization. 


"I strong believe that when I serve others I am serving God's Divine plan."


Dr. Tim Thompson

Shifu & Founder and C.E.O of the  Institute of Applied Human Relations, LLC

Dr. Thompson respectfully referred to as Dr. T is head Tai Chi Chuan (grand ultimate fist) instructor at the Largo campus of Dennis Brown Shaolin Wu-Shu Training Center. Besides Tai Chi Chuan, his other two special teaching/healing channels of expression are Interaction Science (I-Sci), and various Reiki modalities. In 2008 Dr. T and Ayana joined to introduce a monthly session entitled "Spirit Talk". As a result, in 2011 "Spirit Talk" evolve to "Lessons in Joy Creation" conducted by Dr. T the last Monday of each month. These sessions provide opportunities for individuals to determine what brings them their highest joy.  Dr. T teachings include how to shift your vibrations to one that is in alignment with your true nature.  Join us as he guides us through this process of self-discovery and self-realization.


Trish J. Lanier


Personal Assistant, Cancer Survivor and Client Advocate


​Trish is a Stage IV a cancer survivor. In July, 2010, following 9 days of exploratory testing and procedures, she was diagnosed with a very rare and complex form of cancer called Pseudomyxoma Peritonei, often referred to as either a gastro-intestinal or colon-rectal disease. It is as rare and complex as its name, with slightly over 500 documented cases in the U.S.  Her journey to healing included the challenges of not only this disease but the financial fallout which often accompanies a life altering illness. Cancer-free since January, 2012,Trish attributes her recovery to integrating traditional cancer treatments with holistic methodologies including wellness coaching.  She joins our team as Ayana’s Personal assistant coordinating and scheduling events/retreats, speaking engagements, presentations and workshops.  As a member of the Maryland Patient Navigation Network, Trish also serves as a client advocate and motivational speaker supporting, coaching and helping others navigate through and move beyond the cancer experience.

Dr. Marteen Zar  MBBS, (MD) , MHA, Board Certified Naturopath

Referring resource for Ayana Wellness Spa and Educational Resource

Dr. Zar is head of United Natural Healthcare​ and received his MD from the University of Pakistan.  His expertise includes medical practice, chiropractic medicine, Traditional Chinese and Indian medicine.  Dr. Zar is also experiencced in many other alternative medical techniques and modalities.  He has spent 13 years in public health research and discovered a unique alternative approach (DCP) for dealing with diseases naturally.  Dr. Zar's research is focused on the study of chemical philosophy and the effects of chemical imbalances in the body.

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