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Total Body Care


Aloe Vera Herbal Body Wrap (currently unavailable)

90 mins. $125. ($2.50 for each additional wrap). Involves wrapping the body in cotton elastic strips of cloth (similar to ace bandages) that have been soaked in our special wrap herbal formula and heated to a temperature of 150 degrees. The heat from the wrap and the solution work together on reducing cellulite, eliminating toxins and impurities that have built up in the body. It also helps to smooth, tighten and soften the skin. You can lose 5-15 inches in one body wrap


SOQ1Slimming Spa
60 mins. $85 (3+ discount package available). Another option to the Herbal Body Wrap without wrapping the body. Reduces cellulite, decrease fat folds, reduces water retention and helps eliminate toxins. Used in conjunction with the ERE machine to decompose fat cells and the Far Infrared Dome to stimulate metabolic activity and speed up detoxification.
Volcanic Ash Body/Cellulite Treatment
60 mins $90. Treatment of face, neck & thighs.  Super absorbent, microscopic particles provide an “instant suction action” on thighs (and everywhere else) releasing toxins and impurities.

Back Scrub
4​5 mins. $55. Experience for yourself the benefits of Ayana's special formulated Herbal Back Scrub Treatment; a relaxing, refreshing and cleansing back scrub, skin conditioner, toner and massage all included.  Your back never felt better.

Meditation & Prayer Room
Love Offering Appreciated. Our meditation/prayer room is available after each treatment.  Take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to take your experience to even greater heights by taking time to commune with your inner spirit before leaving.  By spending some time in personal reflection, you'll be able to appreciate all that you've been given and gain a greater wisdom of your mission in life.  Afterwards, don't forget to schedule your next appointment.


Ayana's Body Energy Alignment and Sound Therapy

45 mins $75.  Renew your energy and health through a process of relaxing and connecting with the body's electro-magnet field and divine innate intelligence to heal itself.  This is a specialized treatment created by Ayana based on her own healing journey and of her clients, in addition to her educational and research training, as well as her intuitive understanding of ancient wisdom and groundbreaking research on the nature and power of the mind-body-spirit connection associated with real healing. 


Ayana's Emotional Release Treatment
90 mins/$125.  Emotional and psychological imprints are at the heart of our perceptions about who we really are, verses who we are not.  The body is intertwined with a network of emotions which heavily influence our overall state of health and well-being. How we show up for ourselves in a world of possibility and opportunity depends largely on the commitments we make to ourselves. Promoting, demonstrating and advocating the value of a holistic approach for dealing with one's quality of life requires a commitment for releasing past unwanted feelings and emotions.  Ayana is a gifted intuitive who has created a process unique only to her practice. This individualized treatment starts with a prayer/meditation followed by a spiritual clearing and cleansing of the body's energy fields, focusing on areas where stress and uneasiness resides. The overall goal of this treatment is designed to ignite an inner- awakening creating greater balance and harmony within the mind, body and spirit.




                  Call 410-466-5047 to schedule an appointment


The above Spa treatments are not intended to treat, prevent or cure any medical conditions. If you have a medical condition, please consult with your doctor or a health practitioner prior to scheduling an appointment.


Spa Services prices subject to change without prior notice.



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