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​ Testimonials

As a senior person my spirit and well being with Ayana have been a wonderful rewarding and relaxing body experience, and truly a great blessing.
C. Cann
Baltimore, Md

"I wanted to mention that your products are fantastic and that I've given samples to two girlfriends thus far. One friend had burned her arm cooking and was complaining about the scarring.  Apparently, she started using the Golden Creamy and noticed a difference right away.  Again, I use it all over my face and body and just adore it."
Janelle Connor
Los Angles, California


"Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Jacquie Zea and I am very close to Janelle Connor. I consider her as one of my sisters. A few months ago, I was cooking for my date. (I haven't cooked in quite a bit) I ended up placing the chicken breast in the sauce pan as it was still wet and the boiling hot water exploded onto my arm leaving me with a discoloration; a quarter-size scar. I have a light tan complexion and the burn itself was an off white. I had to wear a band-aid to cover it all times. After hearing what happened, Janelle mailed me ‘Ayana's Extra Rich Golden Creamy w/ Sea Buckthorn Oil to be applied on my scar. Let's just say that as I type this email, I have to look for the scar and it is no longer noticeable. I had faith in this little cream but I honestly didn't expect such rapid results. Thank you for this magnificent product.  I can actually wear sleeveless now! "
Jacquie Zea
Palisades Park, NJ

'My feet never looked and felt better. They are as soft as a baby's you know what.'
Wakeelah Mutazammil
Wichita, Kansas.

'I have been using Ayana products for almost 2 years and my favorite is the Golden Creamy. I use it all over my body. I love the way it makes my skin feel and look.'
Julia Ficklin
New Haven, Connecticut

I love being creative with my Ayana fragrances, by blending them with some of my other favorite fragrances. And, by doing so I have created other scents like no other. All day long, everywhere I go people comment on how nice I smell. My husband also uses Ayana's Mandinka Collection for Men. One of his favorite fragrances is Emerod.
Paulette & Carroll Hynson
Severna Park, , Maryland

Within the first 2 weeks of using Golden Creamy I noticed an incredible improvement on the stretch marks on my arms, stomach and tights. I was amazed at the results. This is a fantastic product. It does not easily wash off and keeps the skin soft and smooth. Now I use it all over my body.
Andrea Wilson,
Harford County, Maryland

I have been a regular customer since 2004 getting massages, facials, foot scrubs and more.  My all time is Ayana's Hair & Body Oil.  I can't be without  it.  My once a month spa treatment is a joy to my spirit and well being.
Joann Holcombe,
Baltimore, Maryland

I love my Ayana scents, they make me feel as though I'm inveloped in  luscious sensations.
Evelyn Corbin,
Baltimore, Maryland

I have used many, many, high end moisturizers and skin care creams with the very best known labels, BUT absolutely NONE compare to the rich, emollient, deep moisturizing quality of Ayana's Golden Creamy Line.  It is the best!
Dr. Frieda Jones
Marietta, Georgia

All statements made are the opinions of each individual customer without any input from Ayana.  We do not make any medical claims pertaining to our services or products.​​

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