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Urgency of NOW Campaign
Real Healthcare Begins with Self Care
Community Health Prevention and Wellness Education


African Americans are dying faster at an alarming rate from preventable and curable

Illnesses and diseases. Why? Because we rely mostly and, in too many cases, solely on a

healthcare system that is plagued with health disparities and inequities.

More importantly African American children are also affected and currently being diagnosed

with autism at an early age, coupled with the onset of adult diseases which significantly

reduces life expectancy.


Our goal and mission are to be an advocate for empowering people to become proactive in

the overall care and maintenance of their health, mental and emotional well-being, physical

welfare, and spiritual growth. By providing on-going research and relevant information and

resources not always readily available to educate and assist in making important decisions

pertaining to overall health and future happiness.

Health Education Prevention- Mental and Emotional Well-being

Wellness Tools and Solutions

Energy Healing Techniques

Relaxation Practices

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