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Jennifer Ayana Harrison

Certified Health and Wellness Coach, Health Educator, Certified ZYTO and HeartMath Practitioner, Author, Community Advocate, and Mental Health First Aider.

Ayana, the name most of her clients refer to her is known for her healing presence, passion, and long-standing commitment to self-empowerment and natural healing.   She is mission-driven, innovative, and unconventional, relying mostly on her intuitive nature.

 Ayana has long promoted a philosophy of self-awareness; self-care and healthy lifestyles to help empower individuals.  Her program “Real Health Care Begins with Self-Care is just one way she advocates for self-knowledge and health and prevention education.  

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For more than 45 years Jennifer Ayana Harrison has used her attraction and affinity for natural healing and metaphysics to design a wellness healing practice and environment for clients and communities. 

Years ago, her family said she was from another planet. Now they say she was ahead of her time.

Inspired by the death of her mother in 2003 and 3 sisters who proceeded within 5 years apart she re-committed herself to becoming a Health Educator and Wellness Coach. Promoting healthy lifestyle changes in reducing mental and emotional stressors directly linked with prevailing illnesses such as hypertension, diabetes, heart conditions, and other chronic illnesses including cancer.

Understanding the effects of trauma, mental and emotional stressors on the body-mind-spirit, she shares personal life experiences to inspire and motivate others to become proactive in the overall care and maintenance of their health and well-being.

Ayana is particularly concerned with the most vulnerable in our communities including families-children and the elderly, and advocates on their behalf through her educational programs, books, speaking engagements, community outreach service, and health and wellness coaching.

Ayana' seeks to empower her clients, and community groups/organizations to make better-informed health choices and decisions by providing valuable information which may not be readily accessible.

Through her educational training programs, speaking engagements, workshops, and community activism, Ayana emphasizes the importance of self-care, meeting people  where they are concerning  making healthy lifestyle changes for better management of health conditions.



Antioch College

Bachelor of Arts in Social Welfare 

Maryland University of Integrative Health

(formerly Tai Sophia Institute for Healing Arts)

Postgraduate Certificate - Wellness Coaching


Certified Diabetes Prevention Lifestyle Coach through the CDC-Center for Disease Control

Certified Medstar Chronic Disease Self-Management Trainer with cross-training in

both Diabetes and Hypertension

ZYTO and HeartMath Practitioner

Mental Health First Aider USA-National Council for Behavioral Health

University of Metaphysics - Sedona

BA degree in Metaphysical Science

(currently pursuing a master's degree in the same field.)

Committees and Volunteering

Ayana serves on several communities and institutional committees;

  • Co-Chair, Community Advisory Group-Johns Hopkins Sidney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Center-

  • Member, Community Research Advisory Council; Johns Hopkins Institute for Clinical and Transitional Research-

  • Member-PATIENT’S Program -Think Tank Committee University of Maryland School of Pharmacy

  • Alzheimer’s Disease/Memory Loss Prevention, and Caregiver Support.



Spiritual Awakening

Spiritual awakenings come to get our attention to alert us something is out of balance or not in alignment with our intuitive nature. Learning to manage and regulate undesirable feelings and emotions through meditation, sitting in silence, sound bath therapy, and other healing modalities can offer much release and a peaceful and joyful place to reside.

Ayana’s most memorable spiritual awakening began in 1989 at the mature age of 43, after being told in her early twenties she was unable to bear children. Years later to her surprise, Ayana became pregnant and eventually gave birth to identical twin sons. To her astonishment, from that moment on, she became a witness to the truth all things are possible to those who believe in the power of unconditional love and forgiveness. Subsequently, her life would never be the same. Spiritual awakenings are powerful reminders for self-reflection and realization, and for obvious reasons not meant to be ignored.

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