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I Am Passionate About My Work

For more than 45 years Jennifer Ayana Harrison has used her natural attraction to natural healing and metaphysics to design a healing environment in her home. Years ago her family said she was from "another planet." Now they say she was ahead of her time.



Who is Jennifer Ayana Harrison?


Jennifer Ayana Harrison is a certified Health and Wellness Practitioner, Coach, Educator, author and community advocate with more than 45 years' experience working to improve the lives of others. Known for her experience as holistic practitioner, counselor, wellness coach, writer, educator and community advocate.


Her most memorable spiritual awakening began at the mature age of 43, years after being told in her early twenties she was unable to bear children.  At the surprise of her Gynecologist Ayana became pregnant and eventually gave birth to identical twin sons.  By her own astonishment, from that moment on, she became a witness to the truth that all things are possible to those who believe in the power of unconditional love and forgiveness. Subsequently, her life would never be the same.  Inspired by the death of her mother in 2003 and then a sister in 2006 she re-committed herself to becoming a Wellness Coach and Community Advocate promoting healthy lifestyle changes. 

Understanding the effect emotional stress has on the body-mind-spirit, she shares her life experiences to uplift and educate others.  


Ayana is particularly concerned with the most vulnerable in our communities including children and seniors, and advocates on their behalf through her educational programs, writing, community service and health and wellness coaching and practice.   


Mission driven, Ayana has long promoted a philosophy of education and self-care practice to empower individuals to maintain good health through her “Real Health Care begins with Self-Care” campaign.


Through her educational training, workshops, presentations and community activism, Ayana seeks to educate and support individual and collective empowerment to help people make the best-informed decisions pertaining to their health and well-being.  


To that end, Ayana serves on a number of community and institutional committees, including the Johns Hopkins Center to Reduce Cancer Disparities, as Chair of the Community Advisory Group.  She is also a member of the Johns Hopkins Institute for Clinical and Transitional Research- Community Research Advisory Council; and works with a number of health and wellness causes including Cancer, Alzheimer’s Disease/Memory Loss Prevention, and Caregiver Support.


Ayana is a Certified Diabetes Prevention Lifestyle Coach-through the CDC-Center for Disease Control; Certified Medstar Chronic Disease Self-Management Trainer with cross training in both Diabetes and Hypertension.  She also holds a Bachelor of Arts in Social Welfare from Antioch College, a post graduate certification in Wellness Coaching from Maryland University of Integrative Health (formerly Tai Sophia Institute for Healing Arts); a BA degree in Metaphysical Science from the University of Metaphysics -Sedona where she is currently pursuing a master's degree in the same field.


She is a much sought-after speaker and presenter and author of 3 books; "Awakening Conversations with Self," "What it means to Be Well-Mind, Body and Spirit," and "What's in the Waiting" You can't plan your existence You can only live in it Now, and 2 CD "Making a Commitment to Yourself" and “Affirmations and Meditations.”



Most important thing to me:
"Quiet meditation and prayer help me remember my true self, my connection with God and the Universe. I prefer connecting with Mother Nature where I feel the most connected. I enjoy meditating and relaxing in the sun especially by the ocean. It is very replenishing and soothing to my spirit." 

Words to grow by:
"Remember who you really are and find time to celebrate your divinity. Always remember to express unconditional love and forgiveness.  These are two important factors for living a more meaningful and rewarding life. And, above all, give thanks for all things and stay peaceful."​ 

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Call today: 410.466.5047
Monday - Friday 8 a.m. - 7 p.m. PST

I’m writing to express my sincere and deepest gratitude to you for helping me with my cancer recovery and healing.  I thank God for our divine and purposeful connection.  The opportunity to work with such a gifted, experienced and extraordinary wellness coach has truly been a privilege, blessing and honor."  


Trish Lanier,   IV Stage Cancer Survivor   Washington, DC


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